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About The Dance Masters

Dance Masters was established in 2002 by Jarrod Taylor, an LA Unified school teacher. He began to notice an ugly trend amongst students. They had increasingly poor mental and physical health, a tendency for violence, selfishness and apathy, and alcohol and drug abuse. These factors were leading the way to a high drop out rate. The difficulty in reaching these students mandated a completely different approach. They weren’t listening to teachers who lectured at them. They needed inspiration and motivation through people they respected. Through the Dance Masters, an assembly that combines education and high flying, urban acrobatic entertainment, the students learn that through hard work and dedication all things are possible. Each one of the performers in the Dance Masters show has overcome their own adversity to achieve their goals and that message is relayed to the students.

Dance Masters has reached and performed for over a million students over 10 years. The goal is to reach every single one of the 50 million students in the U.S. with their inspiring message.